Low Carb and Pregnant?

For the last 8 1/2 years, my husband and I have been unable to get pregnant. In 2010, we adopted a beautiful baby girl (who is biologically my cousin) and named her Abigail. She is now 4 1/2 and has the most amazing personality. We love her just as much as if we’d conceived her ourselves!


And although we love our beautiful little girl, we’ve still longed to have another. More than anything in the world, I’ve longed to experience pregnancy and child birth firsthand.

When my doctor put me on medication and told me to go low carb, she said there was a possibility that I could get pregnant. But, to be completely honest, I didn’t believe it. I was fully convinced that my time had come and gone, that I would never be able to bear a child. And my husband was convinced of this too. Neither of us could have imagined what was about to happen.

After being low carb and on medication for 4 months and losing 40 pounds, I had an appointment with my doctor on January 14th. When I told her about the abdominal pain I’d been having and that I’d stopped having a period, she asked if I was pregnant. Of course, I said no, but she told me to go ahead and take a test just in case. So, the next day, I took a test…then another one…then another one. All positive. I was absolutely floored. I called and set up an appointment with an OB right away! I had to know if this was real! Sure enough, she confirmed it, then scheduled an ultrasound for today–January 22.


So, today, I found out that I am right around 6 weeks along and she scheduled another ultrasound 2 weeks from now when we’ll actually be able to see the baby.

My husband and I, along with our families, are over the moon with excitement! Is this the best time for us financially? No. Is it going to be difficult for me to stick to low carb while pregnant? Oh, yes!!! But this is a blessing from God and we know that He will provide for our needs always. ♡ And, in the mean time, if I slip up and eat a cookie, I think the baby will be okay with that. 😉


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