5 Low Carb Lunches on the Go!

I’ve seen several posts here and there on other Facebook pages about people who struggle with taking their lunch to work with them. Now, I don’t currently work outside of the home. But I used to, and I know how hard it is to eat healthy when it comes to a “packed lunch”. It’s so easy to pack a sandwich, or a hot pocket, or some other type of frozen lunch. It may take a bit more planning and effort to pack a healthy lunch, but it’s worth it in the end, right?

So, I’ve compiled a list for those of you who may need a little inspiration. 5 Low Carb Lunches on the Go:

1. Chicken & Veggies


When I worked in an office, this was my favorite lunch. I would bake 3 or 4 chicken breasts in a little water, butter, and seasonings. Once they were done, I would let them cool, then cut them into strips and put 5-6 strips per baggie. I would also fill other baggies with celery or carrots and I kept a bottle of ranch dressing in my work fridge. I usually took a string cheese with me as well. It was super easy, not messy, and one time baking chicken gave me a week’s worth of lunches.

2. Chicken Salad

chicken salad

You know that chicken I baked at the beginning of the week? It’s also great for making chicken salad! Now, I used to eat this with crackers, but since going low carb, I would simply eat it with carrots or celery. Maybe even have some colby jack cheese cubes on the side. (Yes, I love cheese.)

3. Broccoli Cheddar Bacon Salad


How about tossing some broccoli, bacon, and shredded cheddar cheese together with a little dressing? Sounds good to me!

4. Egg Rollup

egg rollup

If you’ve never tried an egg rollup, it’s time! Roll it up with ham and cheese. Yum! 🙂

5. Chicken & Hummus Lettuce Wrap

turkey and hummus

Hummus–especially homemade hummus–is one of my favorite dips/spreads. I like mine super garlicky and it tastes great with turkey or chicken!


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