Why I Don’t Keep A Scale In My House


Call me weird or superstitious, but I can not bring myself to buy a new scale. I used to have one. Oh, yes. The last time I went on a “diet”, I had a scale perfectly placed on my bathroom floor right outside the shower. The problem? I weighed myself. Every. Day. And, man, was it ever depressing! Sometimes, I would lose a couple pounds here and there, but mostly, I would stay the same or even gain a pound. It was extremely discouraging, but I couldn’t stop! I HAD to weigh myself every day or I went nuts. It was an addiction, really. So, during our move from Indiana to Kentucky, my scale was conveniently “lost”. (More like I threw it in the trash.) I was done. Here’s my reason why…

Having a scale distracts me from my ultimate goal–to be healthy. If I feel better, but the scale doesn’t show any weight loss, it discourages me and I am most likely to give up. Right now, I couldn’t care less what I weigh because I FEEL healthy! Do I wonder if I’ve lost any weight since my last weigh in at the doctor? Of course I do. But I don’t let it consume me because I KNOW I’m doing things to better myself, whether I am consistently losing weight or not.

My next doctor’s appointment is in January. Would I like to have lost some more weight by then. Absolutely! But, what matters the most is that I am making much healthier choices, I am getting more exercise, and I feel great! I am proud of myself, regardless of what the scale says! 🙂


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