How to Begin Your Low Carb Journey


When my doctor first told me to go low carb, I was hesitant. In fact, I was adamantly against it. I love my carbs! Bread and pasta were the 2 main staples of my diet! Well, those and chocolate. But, after getting encouragement from my husband, family, and friends, I decided to give it a shot. I figured if it didn’t work, I could go back to eating how I wanted and no harm was done. So, I developed a step by step plan of sorts. Here’s what it looked like…

Step 1: PURGE. I know it seems wasteful, but it must be done. Donate unopened items to the food pantry if you must, but do not keep it in your home! It will only tempt you further.

Step 2: GO SHOPPING! This was my favorite part. I got to walk through the outer edge of the grocery store and literally buy things I never would have even thought of putting in my cart, let alone my mouth. So, yes, for me, it was exciting. And I can never describe the feeling of pride when I looked in my newly stocked fridge full of veggies. I know it sounds silly, but it really was a huge deal for me.

Step 3: CHEAT! Ok, this doesn’t mean what you think it means. But, here is my cheat. I am a chocoholic. Like, hardcore. I could NOT give chocolate up completely. I just couldn’t. So, I bought a bag of dove dark chocolates and I keep them in my freezer. On the days when I can’t take it anymore (which is usually 2 or 3 days a week), I allow myself ONE piece of chocolate and it satisfies me enough to curb the craving.

Step 4: GET SUPPORT! It is so important to have a solid support system when making such an important lifestyle change. I’m lucky enough to have a husband who will basically eat whatever I make and he has been perfectly happy to do this thing with me. Even my 4 year old daughter doesn’t mind the change in her meals and I feel much better about the food I am feeding her. So, whether you have a wonderful husband (or wife!), an encouraging family member, or a couple of friends willing to listen, having that support is extremely important. And, if you don’t have anyone supportive in your life at the moment, there are a lot of websites and Facebook pages you can follow and get the support you need. Check out my Low Carb Thyroid page here:

That last one is so important, you guys. If I didn’t have a solid support system, I wouldn’t have even lasted a week! For me, the support of those around me has always been the foundation of my success.

That being said, I also have a fifth step. Not everyone may follow this one, but it’s important for me… Develop an exercise routine. If I’m honest, this is something I’m having quite a bit of trouble with. Even with being on meds and having a little more energy than I’m used to, I still lack the motivation to exercise most days. My doctor told me to do so every day, but it’s usually only 2 or 3 times a week. BUT, it’s better than nothing and it’s something I’m working on.

So, there you have it–my step by step process of becoming “Low Carb”. Hope it helps! 🙂


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