What Are Your Thoughts On Ham?


I have 3 ham questions…
1. Do you like ham?
2. Do you prefer your ham sweet or savory?
3. Have you ever tried turkey ham?

Tonight’s dinner is–you guess it–ham! I love all types of ham. However, I still have my preferences. I prefer a savory turkey ham with lost of garlic. It really is delicious and the leftovers are perfect for chopping up and tossing in a salad the next day for lunch.

Tonight, I put a turkey ham in a casserole dish with some water and butter. I also tossed in some red potatoes and onions. I, of course, will not be partaking in the potatoes (okay, I might have a couple small bites). But the turkey ham itself really is enough for me. I may make a small salad on the side.

So…how do you cook your ham? Tell me in the comments, or join me on my Facebook page!


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